Important: Make sure your Apple Mac is connected to the DVCNET Wireless network before attempting the below steps (e.g. Wi-Fi).

  1. Navigate to System Preferences > Printers and Scanners.
  2. Click the  icon under the Printers List.
  3. The Add dialog is displayed. This dialog displays a list of all of the discovered printers on the network.
  4. Select a printer.
    The Name, Location, and Use is displayed.
  5. Check that Use is set to Secure AirPrint.
  6. If Secure AirPrint is not displayed:
    1. Close the Add dialog.
    2. Disconnect from the network.
    3. Reconnect to the network.
    4. Try again. If you still cannot see Secure AirPrint, please see the DVC IT Technician.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Print your document. The first time you print, you will be required to enter your DVC username and password and place a check in "Remember my password in Keychain". Click OK
  9. Repeat for any other required printers.

If are not sure how to print from your application, take a look at Print from your Mac.

Note: If you enter the wrong authentication details, MacBook devices do not show any warning message; your job will just not print. If your job doesn’t print, check the Print Queue dialog. If the print job is there and has the message Held for authentication, click the  icon; then re-enter your login details.

Note: CRT or Visiting Teachers will be required to install the Papercut Client which allows them to charge their print jobs against the correct budget. This step is outlined in another article.