Note: The below article requires MacOS 10.12 or higher

  1.  Click the Apple Menu and Select System Preferences
  2. Click Internet Accounts
  3. Select Exchange
  4. Fill in the required details. You will need to input your Full Name, DVC email address and DVC Network password. Click 'Sign In' when you have correctly filled in the details.
  5. Ensure all the boxes are checked and click 'done'
  6. If asked to input your KeyChain password, please type it in. Your Keychain password is usually the same password you type in to access your MacBook
  7. If your screen looks similar to the below image, well done, you have successfully connected your DVC Email to your MacBook and can now access your email using Apple Mail. 
  8. Close out of the System Preferences
  9. Begin using Apple Mail to Send and Receive your DVC Email