Note: All student devices are to be connected to the DVCNET wireless network only. Please ensure that your device is not running a VPN. If it is, please turn it off and kindly remove it, and finally, you are allowed to connect one device (iPad or laptop) to our network, once you have submitted an Acceptable Use Policy to show your understanding of the conditions of use.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Wi-Fi
  3. Choose the network named DVCNET from the list at top right
  4. When prompted, enter your student ID and password. Put 'dvcnet' in front of your student ID. For example if your student ID is abc0001, you enter dvcnet\abc0001 as your username. Then click Join.
  5. Click Accept or Trust.
  6. Tap on the i symbol at the end of the DVCNET row, once you have a 'tick' appear
  7. At the bottom of the screen, set HTTP Proxy to Auto, leaving the URL field blank
  8. Click Save (Top right corner) or if that option is not avaliable, simply press the home screen button, wait for Wi-Fi connectivity to reset and attempt to access the internet using Safari.
  9. If you can reach an External Website such as Apple or Google, well done, your iPad has been successfully joined to the DVCNET Wireless Network and configured for use.