Note: Please ensure you follow these steps to the end. If you do not set the Proxy Settings correctly, you will not have internet connectivity.

  1. Click the Apple Menu and Select System Preferences
  2. Select Network
  3. Click 'Wi-Fi' in the left menu
  4. Click the drop-down menu next to Network Name and Select DVCNET
  5. Type in your DVCNET username and password. Your Username will need to be appended with DVCNET\ For example, below we have used the username servicedesk
  6. Click Join

  7. Click 'Show Certificate', ensure 'Always Trust 8746CDC01' is checked and click 'Continue'
  8. Type in your MacBook password and click 'Update Settings'
  9. If you have typed in the correct Username and Password, you will be authenticated to the Network and the 'Wi-Fi' icon will turn Green. If your laptop is stuck 'Authenticating' you may have entered a wrong username or password. Please turn your Wi-Fi off and then back on and attempt steps 4 and 5 again. If that fails, please see the DVC IT Technician.

  10.  Click 'Advanced', select the 'Proxies' tab and place a tick in the 'Auto Proxy Discovery' checkbox. Then click 'OK'

  11. Click 'Apply' and then exit 'Network Preferences'

  12. Open your preferred Internet Browser and attempt accessing an External Website such as Google or Apple. If you can access the site, well done, you have successfully configured your MacBook for use on the DVCNET Wireless Network. If you cannot access an external site, repeat step 10 and 11. If that still fails, please see the DVC IT Technician.