As a Staff or Student of Diamond Valley College, you will be eligible to download and install a vast amount of software from the DET eduSTAR Catalog. The eduSTAR Team is constantly updating the catalog to ensure that the software matches the learning needs of Staff and Students. A few examples of software that is currently avaliable for download and installation for all DVC Staff and Students can be found below:

  1. Microsoft Office - Including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher (Windows Only) and Outlook - All Staff and Students 
  2. Google Apps - All Staff and Students
  3. Stile App - Year 7-9 Students
  4. Minecraft Education Edition - All Students and Staff
  5. Adobe Creative Cloud Suite - Including Acrobat Reader Pro, Photoshop, Light room, Illustrator, In Design, Animate and Dreamweaver  - All Students and Staff
  6. Wolfram Mathmatica 11 - All Students and Staff

It is encouraged that students have a browse through the catalog and download and install any application they feel would support and benefit their learning outcomes.

The eduSTAR Catalog can be access here:

NOTE: Students will require their eduPass Identity to access the catalog.

To download Microsoft Office for your BYO Device, please click here and follow the instructions in that article.