Before your BYO Device will have the ability to access Secure Files and Folders on the Diamond Valley College Network, you will need to download, install and configure the Next Cloud Application for use with Cloud@DVC. These steps are outlined below:

Step 1: Connect Cloud@DVC to the shares you wish to access by following the appropriate article below:

    Connecting your DVC User Home Folder to Cloud@DVC

    Connecting to your IT Web Dev Folder to Cloud@DVC

Step 2: Download and Install the Next Cloud App from the following links:

    Mac Client: Download Here

    Windows Client : Download Here

Step 3: Locate the file you downloaded in Step 3 and double click on the installer. Follow the installation wizard until the application has been installed successfully.

Step 4: After the installer has completed, the app should launch into the Next Cloud Connection Wizard 

Click Login

Step 5:  In the server address window, type and click next

Step 6: Click Login, type in your DVC Username and Password, Click Login and then click Grant Access


Now we can configure the files we wish the App to Sync. For this example, I will be configuring the app to sync files in my Network Home Drive and IT Web Dev Folder. These Folders will be available in your list of folders if you correctly followed the steps outlined in Step 1.

Step 6: Click the button 'Choose what to sync', ensure there is a tick in the folders we wish to sync from Cloud@DVC. In this case, we put a tick in the Network Home Drive and IT Web Dev. Click OK and then click Connect 

You will receive a warning that advises you that an external storage folder has been added and that you are required to select it for sync. In the next step, we will address and correct this warning.

Step 7: Open NextCloud App Settings by either

    Windows: Double Click the NextCloud Icon on your desktop or Right Click on the NextCloud Icon within your taskbar icons (Near Clock) and select settings. The following window should appear:

Click the '>' icon to the left of the green tick and expand the list of files and folders available for sync. Place a tick in the external storage folders you wish to sync (indicated by the network drive icon) and then click apply. You can now exit NextCloud Settings. 

The last step is to confirm that everything is working correctly. Please follow the steps below for you device type:

    Windows: Open Windows Explorer by clicking on the Folder Icon in your task bar. You should notice a new icon on the left of your explorer window called NextCloud. Click on the next cloud icon and confirm that your configured files or folders are available. A green tick indicates the files are in sync. 

If you have made it this far, your BYO Device should now be ready to sync files between your local device and the DVCNET Servers via Cloud@DVC.