Here's the steps you need to follow to get up and running with IT services:

For the following, you will need to use your DVC username and password.

  1. Join your computer to the wi-fi network
  2. Log in to Compass
  3. Check out Moodle, this is the college intranet
  4. Access your email. First time you will have to choose language (English - Australia) and timezone (+10 - Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney)
  5. Set up printing (Windows or Mac)

If you need access to Stile (for Science or any other subjects), use the class code from your teacher, and your DVC email address (

For other services supplied by the education department, you will need your eduPass login:

  1. Access Microsoft Office 365, or register/install Microsoft Office (instructions here)
  2. Registering Minecraft
  3. To use Google Classroom, go to the eduSTAR portal
  4. Other software, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud

If you are still not sure, check out the other articles available on the Help Desk site, these are being updated all the time. If you need help, ask your teachers, other students, or come down to the IT Office in the library.

Richard Fox (Learning Technologies)